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Crafts-A-Plenty has served Poolesville and surrounding communities since 1978 when it began as a shop selling macrame and ceramic products. It has grown over the years into a full-service crafts store complete with supplies for the “do-it-yourself” enthusiast, pre-made items for those who want it done for them, and even souvenirs with Poolesville, Maryland identifiers on cups, postcards, greeting cards and much more. Come by 
today and see why we are Upper 
Montgomery County, Maryland’s 
favorite spot for crafts, creative 
items and good conversation.
Reva Hoewing has lived in Poolesville since 1968 when she, her husband and five children settled in Boyds. Later after her kids were on their own, she opened Crafts-A-Plenty to live her dream of turning her creativity, teaching abilities, and love of people into a business of her own. Today, locals and tourists alike stop by the shop to buy some local items, and talk.
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19936 Fisher Avenue
Poolesville, MD 20837

Cat's Meow - Peter's Forest, $16.50/each
Cat's Meow, Poolesville Water Twr Indians, $15.50/each
Cat's Meow -Poolesville Water Tower Falcons, $15.50/each
Cat's Meow, Crafts-A-Plenty, $19.50/each
Cat's Meow - Sugarloaf Mountain, $17.50/each
Cat's Meow - Poolesville High School, $19.50/each
Cat's Meow - White's Ferry, $16.50/each
Cat's Meow - Peter's Forest, $16.50/each
Cat's Meow - Hersperger house, $16.50/each
Cat's Meow - Poolesville sign, $9.50/each
Cat's Meow - Our Lady of Presentation, $15.50/each
Cat's Meow - Old Selby's, $17.50/each
Cat's Meow - Bassett's Restaurant -$18.90/each
Cat's Meow - Watkins/Carroll, $16.50/each
Cat's Meow - UMCVFD Fire Truck, $16.50/each
Poolesville afghan, $55.00/each
Poolesville: 250 Years, Indians to the Internet, $9.95/copy
Cat's Meow - Seneca Schoolhouse - $17.90/each
Cat's Meow - Barbershop, $18.99/each
Cat's Meow, Poolesville Elementary School, $19.50/each
Cat's Meow, Monocacy Elementary School, $19.50/each
Cat's Meow - New Town Hall, $19.50/each
Cat's Meow, Poolesville Memorial Methodist, $19.50/each
Cat's Meow, Charles Elgin House, $19.50/each
Cat's Meow, Warren United Methodist Church, $19.50/each
Other (specify):
Cat's Meow, Tatie's House, $19.50/each